You're getting married!

Following this link was the first step in making your wedding all that you've ever dreamed of.  This page will arm you with the wedding DJ education you'll need to hire the perfect entertainment.  

Hiring a wedding DJ is so much more than just having someone press play to start your favorite songs.  We Go Entertainment DJ's will work tirelessly with you to ensure your event is exactly as you picture it!  Our DJ and staff will spend 16-32 hours making your dream a reality.


We Go Entertainment, Inc. currently services south Florida from Miami to Ft Pierce.   While our office is in West Palm Beach, we can arrange electronic service agreements for your approval and signature, collect payments online and prepare your entire wedding via email and our client portal. Once your date is reserved, we establish an online wedding planner account just for you!  You can log in anytime you wish to check your balance and fill in your music request sheet. If you are a destination bride or live far away from our office we've got you covered!  

We securely accept all major credit cards and PayPal for your convenience.

How much do you charge?



I know that you came for a simple quote but there are so many factors that determine prices that "how much do you charge?" cannot be answered properly until we have more information. If you've received a quote without consultation, the quoted price you received is for the most basic service with no options.  Even if you choose not to hire us, please read through all of this information because it will help you choose the entertainment that is right for you.  


Imagine for a moment that you just walked into a large auto dealership, walk up to a salesperson and ask "how much do you charge for a car?"  In order to steer you to the correct vehicle you need, it would be necessary to know a few things.  Are you looking for a truck, van, sedan or 2 door coupe?  What options would you like, such as color, air conditioning, cruise control, hands-free phone connection...?  Okay, okay, you get the idea.


There are details we need to know about your wedding (covered below), your needs, likes, your dislikes and more in order to give you a proper quote.  The good news is we offer a FREE consultation at our office to listen to your concerns and help you decide what options are best for you.  Our office is located in beautiful downtown West Palm Beach, Florida.  We understand that you have a busy life and a tight schedule and because we service most of South Florida we are willing to meet you, at a location of your choice, to discuss your needs.  There is no obligation to purchase when we meet.  


Our meeting is more than just information...  it is a chance to meet your DJ to see if you are a good fit.  After all, you will be in contact with your DJ for a long time before your actual wedding day and a lot of planning is involved.  This is more than just a business to us, it's your wedding!


So, what do I get for my money?


When it comes to weddings, there is a lot more involved than just a DJ showing up, playing music and leaving.  From start to finish, your price will include the following;



Initial consultation (1-3 Hours):


  • Presentation of the sound system and lighting options.

  • Reviewing the information that must be gathered by the client for the event.

  • Service Agreement preparation & Establish Online Client Account 

  • Service Agreement & Deposit.



Second & Subsequent Meeting Time (2-4 Hours):  


Whether your consultation is in person or telephonic, we will take all the time necessary to make sure your wedding is planned correctly.   This time includes everything else along the way to the big day.


  • Bridal party names / Pairings / Introductions

  • Chronological Itinerary of events

  • Discussion of overall theme desired

  • Light show design / Custom Gobo Artwork

  • Specific Equipment Selection

  • Emcee Services



Office Time (4-8 Hours): 


  • Misc emails with the client, client's venue and vendor(s) to coordinate timelines and details.

  • Introduction script drafting / edits / finalizing.

  • Venue set-up, layout considerations, venue restrictions 

  • Equipment power distribution planning for event.

  • Music Preparation

  • Event day - equipmet lay-out preparation.



Travel Time (3-5 Hours):


  • Initial & Subsequent Meetings

  • Venue Site Survey

  • Travel to the venue on event day.



Miscellaneous Expenses Included:


  • Equipment rental fee

  • Talent fee

  • Misc music purchases for your event

  • Event Insurance

  • Travel expenses

  • Custom Gobo (if contracted)



Day of Event (6-12 Hours): 


  • Pre Equipment preparation (Cables, Safety, Wireless Links)

  • Loading of event-specific equipment

  • Site Preparation (stage, power, venue lighting, etc)

  • Unloading equipment at venue arrival (elevators, hallways, dumbwaiter, etc)

  • Sound system set-up

  • Lighting design set-up

  • Final coordination with venue, vendors and banquet manager & staff

  • Post equipment breakdown

  • Loading equipment for return to office




We Go Entertainment, Inc. uses state of the art equipment.  We are in constant motion learning and attend nationwide seminars to keep ourselves on top of the market.  What does that mean for you?  You are sure to get a true professional in every sense of the word to perform your wedding.  We Go Entertainment provides a number of services and packages designed to save you money.  That said, let's go on to planning your wedding.

Will you be having a rehearsal dinner?  You can arrange a package that includes the rehearsal dinner music and after party with your wedding!  While you're at it, let's plan the bachelor and bachelorette parties!  Maybe you'll even want to have one huge party together!

So, what do we really need to know to properly quote your wedding...?

Will your wedding be in the same location as your wedding reception?


If your wedding ceremony is in the same location, same room or not, will you need ceremony music?  We can arrange to have a second sound system to play your pre and post-ceremony music.  We can suggest music or you can select the music you like. Traditionally, we play "Here comes the Bride" as you approach and the "Wedding March" as you walk out, however nearly half the weddings we perform the music is selected by the wedding couple.  Some only substitute "Here comes the Bride".  When your family and honored guests arrive music will be playing, as background music, until the ceremony begins.


Are you planning your ceremony in a location with no available power, like a beach or park?  We have a special sound system that runs on quiet power.  There is no need to interrupt your intimate moment with the sound of a generator running in the background.

Planning a cocktail hour?


The cocktail hour is for you as much as for your guests.  While your guests are enjoying cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, the newly married couple has time to take post-wedding photos as newlyweds and with the families.  As your guests enjoy their cocktail hour, it is customary to have soft background music they can speak over.  

We can set up a separate sound system that is not intrusive of your decor.

Will your reception be indoors or outdoors?


While we perform weddings outdoors, the sound system must be under cover. Everyone knows the weather report is not always perfect and because our sound systems cannot be moved in an instant we always protect them so they operate flawlessly in each event.  This gives you peace of mind to know that your wedding will have no equipment glitches.  Yes, we carry a back-up system just in case anyway.

What would you like your reception room to look like when your guests are invited inside?  


We have different lighting packages that can completely change a room's appearance. Let's talk about up-lighting for a moment.  Up-lighting is simply a light we place on the floor that projects light up and along the wall toward the ceiling.  It is a wide angle light and it gives your wall glow of light.  Up-lighting is used to highlight existing features of a room, such as columns or drapery.  Because the up-light illuminates the wall it can completely change the look of your room.  There are close to a million color combinations that are possible so your lighting can be matched to your wedding theme. Further, after dinner, the up-lighting can be used as dance lighting to create an exciting atmosphere!


IMPORTANT: Keep this in mind when planning up-lights.  The majority of DJ's and venues that rent up-lighting for events use "light emitting diode" (LED) bulbs in their up-lighting.  The lights have a cycle of electricity that goes through it and the lights flicker on and off.  You cannot see this flicker with the naked eye but ask any professional photographer and they'll tell you that their $10K cameras pick it up!  A light flickering will be on in some pictures and off in others.  Worse yet, because up-lighting is set up in numbers, the photographs can show different lights on/off at different times.  Another problem with light flicker is that true color doesn't always show.  For example, if you have a sunset theme and your up-lighting is orange your photos may appear red when they're on because orange is made of red & amber diodes and the photo may not have caught both diodes at full illumination.  More expensive lighting is theatrical safe lighting and does not flicker.  



We Go Entertainment uses only theatrical rated, flicker-free lighting.


Are you working within a wedding budget?


Let's talk about what you want vs what you need.  The basics for any wedding are included in our most budgeted package titled the "Jukebox".  We'll get to what is included in a moment.  First, we want you to know that we created packages that were designed to save you money but if you see options from another package that you like it can still be added to the package of your choice to create a one of a kind wedding experience.  Another consideration is where you are having your wedding reception.  If your reception is outdoors the equipment we can set up is limited. If your reception is indoors and space for your tables and the number of guests you invite is not an issue, you can go all out.  

When is lighting used in a wedding reception?


Everything is a matter of preference in your wedding but let's get down to basics. Unless you want a spotlighted entrance or flashing searchlights circling the room during your introduction, the only lights that will be on during the introduction are the up-lights.  The room will glow in whatever color you choose, as in the photograph above.  In the photo above, our bride chose to have two colors.  The ceiling was in blue and the walls pink.  

Your wedding party introduction(s), special dances, toast and/or blessing will be conducted with only the up-lights.  If you have a sit-down dinner, once dinner is concluded we will officially open the dance floor and turn on dance lighting.  


We are often asked, why do I need lighting?  Our answer is simple.  Lighting brings out emotion in those who are there to see it.  For this reason concerts, plays and live television shows have stage lighting.  It enhances the mood and makes a great atmosphere for those that want to dance during the celebration.  Likewise, you should have stage lighting.  The good news is, we set our lighting up the same as our sound systems.  Free of loose and/or hanging wires and set-up in a way that doesn't take away from the expensive decor of the room.

This is what we want you to try and avoid. This will show up in your wedding photos!

This is one of our larger set-ups.  It doesn't take much space but it has the capacity for 1,000 guests.  We can accommodate much larger events if needed.

How many guests are you inviting? 


If you're having 50 guests at your reception you won't need a monster sound system like you see above.  Likewise, if you're inviting 1,000, a small sound system just won't do.  Of course, when I say "monster sound system" I am referring to amount of sound, not the size of the system.  Regardless of the number of guests, if you want a scorching, bass pounding, night club sound, we can accommodate you!  If not we have much smaller set-ups that are still impressive in sound volume and quality.  Our smallest system has just one small speaker and can play for 150 guests.   We don't sacrifice sound quality for volume.  We Go Entertainment only uses top rated professional audio equipment.  



We know you are spending a lot of money on your venue, decorations, flowers and more to create a dressy atmosphere for a reason.  We keep our set-up simple and contained so it doesn't look like an eyesore in your room.  Our equipment is kept inside an enclosed booth or covered in some way so you won't see a bunch of equipment on a table with wires hanging everywhere.  


Our set-up is designed with your decor in mind.  If you choose to have us do lighting design we will use your existing decor to enhance what you've already taken the time to choose.

In Summary


All of these questions are deciding factors as to how much equipment you will be renting, how much labor is involved and how your wedding day will be prepared.  As you read earlier, we are not a wedding mil.  We actually care about our clients.


If you have ideas for your wedding, please tell us.  We'd love you help you achieve your perfect wedding.  We have reviews online that you can read in several places.  Don't just take our word for it, do your research.  At the end of the day, our best clients have educated themselves and know the value of what we provide.


Why are we perfect your wedding?


Martha Stewart Weddings did an extensive survey of couples after their wedding.  The couples were asked, "If you could do it all again, what would you change?"  Most of the couples had similar experiences and said they would have paid more for their entertainment.  What the survey revealed is that 80% of the success of your wedding rests on the entertainment you choose.  Our goal is to hear your guests thanking you for inviting them because they've had such a wonderful time.  We experience that all the time and it never gets old.


Our philosophy, at We Go Entertainment, is that if we wouldn't want something at our own wedding you're not going to see it at yours.  Every time we perform at a reception we are in front of potential future clients and word of mouth advertisement is powerful.  The success of your wedding is not only your success, it's ours.  Our image is as important to us as your wedding.  




We are successful because we care about you!

So, what's next..?


Fill out the information below and one of our representatives will either call you to explain everything on the phone or invite you for a no-obligation consultation to answer questions.  The choice is yours.  When you meet with your DJ, we want you to bring anyone who has decision-making interest in your wedding with you so everyone can take part in the conversation.  


We do not use high-pressure sales tactics.  Don't make that a reason to pass up on this fine opportunity to have an amazing wedding.


We know it took you time to read this page.  We want to thank you for your time and hope this information helps you.