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Let's face it, there are just too many part-time, so-called DJ's out there that show up with wires hanging off the banquet table and play songs with explicit lyrics you may not even like.  We are true professionals and this is all we do.  Our wedding/event entertainment DJ's show up dressed appropriately for your event and act professionally. The music we play is safe for radio airplay unless you ask otherwise. Our state of the art equipment is enclosed in a black or white facade that blends into your room decor. We have up-lighting available to make your venue look spectacular! Outdoor events? No problem!  We have the power to provide full service of announcements, lighting, and sound at any event.  If we can get there, we can play there! Let us take the reigns of your event so you can sit back and have fun with your guests.  


Why?  Because you deserve it!

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Okay, so we play music for your event but there's so much more we offer. 


  • Up - Lighting - Change the atmosphere of your room! Sample


  • "We Go DJ" Mobile app - Yes, we have our very own mobile app that is available for free for iOS (Apple) and Android devices.  What can you do with it?


  • Photo Sharing - When you hire a photo booth you're only getting pics inside the photo booth.  What about all the great pics that everyone took with their phones and other devices?  With our mobile app everyone can share moments throughout your entire event.


  • Music Request - Request a song right from the dance floor!


  • Specials - Sign up for our newsletter and stay informed of our specials. Everyone likes a sale.


  • Spectacular Light Shows - Our state of the art light shows will create a full night club of any room.  If you're planning a wedding, all of your introductions, toast and speeches will be performed at an intimate, personal level.  After dinner, the lights come on and let's get the party started!  Contact us below for a price sheet to learn more about our many packages that fit your budget and taste. 

       Light show sample


  • Spotlight Entrances - Spotlighting is available with our "Maxed Out" package.  We use flicker free theatrical lighting so your photographer's camera will capture exactly what your eyes see. Click this link to see how beautiful it looks. Spotlight


  • We Go Laser Light Show - This is no ordinary green or red dot laser light.  We're talking about a government licensed, full colored, concert style animation laser show.  We can scroll names for introductions, project company/school logos and it creates the famous liquid sky beams of light that amaze everyone. Add our laser show to any package.  Watch this video to see it in action -  We Go Laser Light Show


  • Haze - We don't use fog machines because they're problematic for fire systems.  Our professional haze will deliver an atmosphere that enhances our light show. Watch the beams of light cross your room or venue.  This video was filmed at a house party before the guests arrived.  This is a sample of our "Show Time" package.


  • Client Portal Access - Every client that reserves a date with us will have access to our client portal.  What's in it?


  • Wedding/Party Planner - You will have access to your own wedding/party planner. This is where you specify names of your guests that are part of the grand introduction.  Introduction songs can be added.


  • Music Request Sheet - You can list specific songs you'd like to hear and any special dedications.


  • Music Library Sampler - You can search our library or most popular songs by artist or title. Not sure that's the song you're looking for? Listen to a sample of it right there.


  • Do NOT Playlist - Of course there are certain songs you do not want to be played and this is where you'll list them.


  • Timeline - Once you sit with your venue coordinator to create your timeline of events you can fill out this form so everyone is on the same page.


  • Secure Payments - You can log in anytime to make your deposit & check your balance.  We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. You can pay for your event all at once or make payments as often as you'd like until your balance is paid.  


  • Picnic Games - If you're having an outdoor corporate or private event we have games.  We can bring a bean bag toss, horseshoes, tug-o-war, potato sack races, hula hoop contests and more.  Sure it's fun for kids parties but adults can play along too. 

  • Karaoke Singing Event - If you're in the mood to sing and want to have a fun party, Karaoke is for you!  With a library of nearly 30,000 songs, we're sure to have your favorite song. We can light up the stage and make you famous!  Find out how you can add karaoke to your next party/event.



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